Be Prepared to Drool

org.jpg As soon as I surfed over to my eyes glazed over and the warm cloud of euphoria fell upon me. Talk about brain candy. Not Cot in all its many forms ( there is an .org, .com, the gallery, and NOTed features section) is dedicated to fabulous design. At anyone and everyone can post their favorite designe find, is home to hand picked editor finds, the gallery is a display of new and upcoming artist and the NOTed section is a hand crafted photoshoot by Not Cot editors, with descriptions of why they love the featured designs. The presentation of the site is minimalistic, with a comic edge. It is like stumbling into a museum currated by the love child of Willy Wonka and Audrey Hepburn, full of bright but restrained colors offset by sophisticated black and whites. The design of the website deserves a nod in and of itself. But the real fun is cruising through the clips of other people’s art/products. Its overwhelming the amount of good ideas that are out there these days. It’ll bring a smile (and maybe a little spittle) to your face.

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